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Double Bed In Chennai

Double beds in a big bedroom are what we require after a hectic day! From relaxing us to being the showstopper in the room these amazing double beds will shower us with ample benefits. Wooden Street’s premium finished

Double beds offer ample space for a person to stretch out to the maximum and feel the comfort to the fullest. Finding a wooden double bed in Chennai amidst the hustle is a tedious job. So, Wooden Street has housed in all the wooden double beds that would depict the rich and natural culture of Chennai.

From sumptuous designs that are simple and elegant like Adolph bed with storage to lavish appeal ones like the Drewno upholstered bed with storage, WS is ready to satiate all individual needs.

Each of our double bed online in Chennai is made from solid wood such as sheesham and mango. Sprayed with glossy finish for an attractive appeal, we have different wood finishes such as mahogany, walnut, teak and honey.

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Variety of Luxury Wooden Double Bed Online in Chennai: To Be a Spoiled

For the love of wood and the love of being in trend, we have summed up every type and theme of a wooden double bed in Chennai collection. Displaying traditional, modern and contemporary theme, our double bed in Chennai collection will satiate individual requirements of homeowners.

View the offerings we have for your bedroom:

  1. Wooden double beds: Packed with the sumptuous detailing and sprayed with glossy finishes, these double beds in Chennai collection are sturdy and durable. Ranging from a simple design that depicts a modern touch to designs with contemporary ‘in-trend’ designs, Wooden Street have made each design with love. View the Adolph bed with storage and without storage which depicts a traditional and alluring pattern.

There are much more above!

  1. Upholstered wooden double beds: The high headboard and high class! Upholstered wooden double beds in Chennai is the best bed for modern bedrooms. The lavish and gorgeous look can be attained with them. Drewno upholstered double bed with storage in Chennai is the fancy design with tight tufting and buttons.
  2. Low floor double beds: Like it low and subtle? Low floor double beds in our Chennai collection are here to serve the best. Designs like Melisandre Low Floor Double Bed with tilted backrest with a dark-brown line covering the entire bed will give ample space to stretch without the fear of falling.

Buy Beds In Chennai Online

Beds are arguably the most important piece of furniture in our homes. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Which is why it is important that you buy the best bed you can afford every few years. If you are wondering, “Where can I buy a bed in Chennai?”, there are multiple options. You can get one made. If that’s too much work, you can buy a great sleeping bed at a store or buy beds online in Chennai.

There are different types of beds you can buy. King size beds are the largest in size and the most costly. They are ideal if you have a family and it is likely that more than one person may sleep on the king size bed regularly. Double beds are more common in Indian households. It is compact in size and more affordable. Single beds are probably the most popular beds in Indian households. Most children grow up sleeping on a single bed and often that continues through college and their early working years.

Why Wooden Street?

We understand that you need assurance for a smooth shopping experience. And, thus we provide ample services for a better and amazing buy.

  1. Solid wood: Each furniture at our store is made with intricate designing and carving from sheesham and mango wood. This solid wood provides utmost durability and sturdiness to the products. The wood finishes and the natural embedded patterns of the wood together gives the fine look.
  2. Services to savour: We have got your back at every step! The services we offer are – low-cost  easy return policies, one year warranty on each furniture unit and free installation. These would make the experience super-smooth.
  3. Customisation – for the creative ones: We are all ears for your special needs! Whether you want to change the finish of the furniture or you wish to make a few changes in the design, we will make sure to deliver the exact product.

Get a custom-made solid wood double bed in Chennai by getting in touch with our 24*7 customer care support. Tell them the requirements and we will deliver the exact product at your doorsteps.

From office furniture to bar furniture, and from home furniture to balcony furniture, we have housed in all the products. Experience and explore more above.