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We make steel almirah ranging from Domestic steel almirah, book shelf, Filling Cabinets, Slotted Angle racks, Library Cupboard, Staff Locker, Mobile Lockers, Steel Tables etc.
We use best quality paints, putty, locks, hinges to provide best finished steel almirah for our customers.

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Steel Storage Furniture

We are a leading name and our Metal Storage Lockers  has emerged as a winner in the market at present. This one has been adapted from the very famous and trending interior designs and imparts an extremely beautiful look to the space. It is offered at industry leading rates and comes with super fine finish and quality.


  • Easy to clean
  • Brilliance quotient is high
  • Safe and secure


  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hotels

Metal Alimarh 


Of size Steel Cupboard either sides and rest of the cupboard will be fabricated by steel 20 SWG CRCA sheet having four shelves with five compartments and the door fabricated 18 SWG CRCA sheet with main door locking system .The inside and outside of the cupboard applying two coat branded primer and two coats synthetic enamel paint finishing after necessary treatment.

Glass Door Almira

Glass Door Almirah:- (SSF 23)
Size H 6½’ x D 1½’ x B 3’

Fabricated by steel 18-20G CRCA Sheet having four shelves with five compartments. The doors will be fabricated by visible glasses and paint coated finishing after necessary treatment.

We are majorly looking BUYERS from Tamilnadu – Chennai , Madurai, Trichy , Selam , Coimbatore , Vellore , Tirunelveli , Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Pondicherry and South India

Storage Furniture Filling Cabinets

Filing Cabinet Four Drawers:- Model- SSF 25

Fabricated out of steel 18,20 G CR sheets having four drawers duly painted after necessary treatment. A single locking system is provided for the whole cabinets. The drawer moves smoothly on nylon wheels.(filing Folders Extra Rs.25)


  • Height :4½’ feet
  • width: 16 Inches
  • Depth:2 feet

Storage Furniture – Plain Almirah

Plain Almirah:- Size 6½’ x 3’ x 1½’ (SSF 22) of size Almirah will be fabricated by steel 20-22 G CRCA sheet having four shelves with five compartments and paint finishing after necessary treatment.

Book Case

Book Case (SSF 24):- (H 5’ x B 3’ x D 1’)

Fabricated by 18-20 G steel CRCA sheets having 4 shelves open door on upper slide facility having a separate locking system with common key, paint finish after necessary treatment.

We are majorly looking BUYERS from Tamil Nadu – Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore, Vellore, Tirunelveli, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Pondicherry and South India

Staff Locker

Industrial Locker 12 Doors:- (SSF 27)

Size H 6’4” x D 19” x B 3’4½” fabricated by 20-22 G CRCA Sheet having 12 air hole doors and each doors having separated locking system (Inbuild locking system) and duly powder coated finish after necessary treatment

(Locker size approx H 16½” x W 12½” x D19”)

Steel Almirahs – nostalgia for your bedroom furniture

Do you remember the days of steel wardrobes with mirrors on one door? The steel almirah stacked up with luggage used to be only storage unit in the house during our childhood. Unlike now, when we have multiple cupboards for different purposes, in the olden days, everything used to find its way to the steel almirah. However, the good old steel almirahs are making a comeback. And they are being re-introduced with new designs and a contemporary touch. Wouldn’t you be happy to bring back the old treasure with some added modern touch?

Finding the right steel cupboard

Gone are the days when everything had its place in the almirah. These days we have different cupboards such as book storage, shoe racks, a loft or the living room storage units for various purposes. It’s very likely that you do not intend to store all your belongings in the almirah. Consider the number and size of shelves and compartments depending on your intent of usage. If you are going to keep any valuables, make sure that your almirah has lockers. The ones with mirrors will eliminate the need for dressing table acting both as a dressing table and a storage unit giving you a clutter-free room.

Select a size that maintains the functionality and also maintains the décor of the room. The good old steel almirah comes in many different colours nowadays. Consider the size of your room, the place where you are going to keep your almirah before deciding the size and the colour of the almirah.

How to maintain metal furniture

There was a good reason that your parents and grandparents had almirah as their beloved storage unit for several years. The steel from which the almirahs are made does not require heavy maintenance. If it catches rust, then seal it with rust protector and paint. Apart from that, you will need a damp cloth to maintain your steel almirahs.

Designer steel almirahs

A faint green colour almirah with a mirror on one side – is this the image that comes to your mind when you think of steel almirah? The modern steel almirahs are far from such mundane looks. From stylish three-coloured almirahs to the ones that are big enough with three doors, you have a whole lot of options to choose from. There are even doors for different compartments and shelves.

Aesthetics – Finding the right place in your house

Whether it was a living room or bedroom, almirahs didn’t need a specific place in the house. However, with space-conscious houses and contemporary interiors, people are more conscious about which furniture is stored where. So, you can decide where to keep the steel almirah depending on your interior décor and the purpose of use.

If you have a small studio apartment, then it makes sense to keep your almirah at a corner that is not directly adjacent to your seating arrangement. However, if you are planning on keeping the almirah in the bedroom, then you can keep it where you would have kept your wardrobe otherwise.

Based on the size of your room, you can also choose between the 2-door steel almirahs or 3-door steel almirahs. 2-door steel almirahs are a great choice for compact bedrooms. It can also be used as supplementary storage for a room that has a bigger wardrobe.

A 3-door steel almirah can be good bedroom furniture for a medium sized room.