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Plastic chairs have changed the way events happen around the world. Invented only about 70 years back in 1948, the first plastic chair revolutionized the furniture industry by manufacturing low cost, highly efficient chairs. There is some debate about the actual date and invention, but we can safely say that the emergence of this trend changed the game for consumers and manufacturers.

In modern times, plastic chairs have become ubiquitous in every household, office, event, and suchlike. There are a ton of plastic chair designs to choose from and you can jazz up your space with some really fun ones. Before we get into the different types of chairs available in the market, lets take a look at the benefits:

  1. Plastic chairs are super convenient. They are light, easy to wash/dust and dont spoil easily. Unlike wood or metal which have to be protected from water, plastic is all-weather friendly and you can use it indoors or outdoors.
  2. Depending on the design of the chair, you can be rest assured of adequate lumbar support.
  3. If you opt for a good company these chairs are unbreakable. They dont bend easily and dont dent if they fall.
  4. Chairs made with good grade plastic can carry massive amounts of weight and seem as strong as any other material.
  5. Plastic chairs do not get affected by termites, unlike the wood ones.
  6. There is practically no maintenance required for plastic chairs. You can simply stack them and place them in a corner.
  7. Since plastic is inexpensive, the furniture is highly affordable. In the same price, you can buy twice the amount of plastic furniture as compared to wood or metal.
  8. Since there are a lot of companies experimenting with plastic, you can opt for some fun and colourful designs.